Winter is still here

I may have said in the past the spring have sprung. Sadly, this have been a sorely misguided assumption of our season of the moment. I was beyond wrong, way beyond wrong.

Yesterday I was wearing a t-shirt, a hoodie, and a pair of athletic sandals. It was glorious. Outside chilling, hooking up some grade a primal, wild game. With tasty grilled vegetables and a pineapple upside down cake. It was amazing. All al Fresca in the backyard under the pergola. Best time ever.

I was so excited for spring. Just ready for the change of season and a new outlook on life. Birds chirping, flowers blooming, and sky as blue as the day is long. Best time ever, I was even able to plant a few flowers at my grandma house that she has wanted someone to do for a while. However, overtime we started the weather would flipped on us. Just like today.

Today I woke up and I was freezing. When I left this morning to go to work, it was wicked cold. Gloves, hat, scarves, and my extra big coat. The works. A hoodie would not be enough today, not at all I would have frozen all the way to the core.

I wish Nike Hyper Fuse had a pair of boots in their line. Their sneakers are amazing, I can only imagine how it would be if they also made some great boots. My feet would sing their praises!

What a great spring day

Whenever I think of spring, I automatically think of barbecues and tulips. Which is weird because I have no idea why those two things come to mind. Hey, it is what it is.

Today on this wonderful spring day, I plan to do two things that I love. Barbecue an entire lamb and plant tulips. Maybe that why, I think how I think. Who knows?

This is going to be wonderful. I love eating stuff off an open flame. It does matter what it is lamb, chicken, steak, venison, vegetables, fruits, even sweets like a grilled pound cakes with fresh-diced strawberries.

Oh, I am getting hungry just thinking about it, I think I may have to hop into the kitchen for a snack. There is nothing I can do until my meat have completed their brine and marinade session. Then they get fifteen minutes massages with olive oil, sage, garlic, and mint. Then I like to let it rest for an hour on a counter to help it come up to room temperature. After that, it is time to get the fire started then a long and slow over an open pit. Boy am I excited for this.

While my meat rest and comes to temperature I head outside to plant my tulip bulbs. Do not tell my boys that I plant the flowers in front of my place. They think it is the property owner

School Uniforms with a twist

Today I think I will share one of the many reasons that I love sneakers, in particular Nike Hyper fuse. In fact this is something I do not think I have every really told anyone. The only people that really know about this is my siblings. That is because they lived the same life as me growing up. It was through my brothers that I started rocking Nike sneakers in the first place. Before that, I wore what my parents bought without any input or suggestions. Before then I just did care what I had on. They could have bought a pair of banana shoes and would have worn them, no questions ask.

However, this devil may care attitude towards footwear changed when I start going to school. I became very aware of clotting in particular shoes. Taking advice from my older siblings, I found a brand and still that really fit me and what I was trying to do. As they say, the rest is history.

From elementary to high school, I attended a private school. One of the best in the nation. This school was not cheap, however, it was well is a great school. My parents wanting the best for their kids try their best to give each one a top-notch education.

With private schooling comes uniforms. We had a strict uniform code. We were told what to do about everything, which was strictly enforced. With the exceptions of shoes. That was the only way we could be creative.

I took full advantage of that with my Nikes.

It could happen to anyone

I was at the store, finish line to be exact. Shopping for the new pair of Nike Hyper Fuse. They had just came out with a new pair, special editions, and a free form fit. My email gets these alerts letting me know if there have been any new development and where to get them, not to mention the price. That way whenever a new line drops, I can be one of the first to score the shoe. This service is allotted to their more experience buyers and loyal customers.

I always take full advantage of this little benefit an make sure that I am the first to get so many different type of Nike’s some of which do not come out to the public for at least thirteen months before I score them.

Anyway, I was at the shoe store and shopping away. There is a part of the store that is exclusively for loyal, exclusive customers. You need the secret password, a pass, badge, and the special knock. Once you are accepted into this exclusive club, not only do you get to enjoy first dibs alerts but you are also provided with a personal shopper. In addition, holder that keeps all of the shoes ready for you. All you have to do is stop by and pick them up.

As I was saying when I was there, my car was park out front at the meter.   While it was, vandalize. Now I have to figure out who messed with myself.

Planning My Vacation

My plans are set, I know what I will be doing this spring break. Although it is not set in stone, it may as well be. I am ready and I have almost have everything plan down to the nanosecond. After the year that I have been having, I am ready for a long vacation. One filled with fun, ease, and comfort. I cannot wait.

To jumpstart the week I plan on driving the six hours to see my mother, then I want to venture and fly down south to see a few of my siblings in Florida. They attend a university down there. After I am finished visiting with them I want to my oldest brother on the west coast. Enjoying the company and pleasure of my young nieces and nephew.

After all, of this if I have time I want to end my trip at the Nike hyper Fuse Convention in Des Moines. For years, I have been planning to attend the convention. Each year something has come up that prevented me from attending. This year I refuse to be detained. This year I will be there, come hell or high water.

I have heard of such great things about the convention, full of new and innovative Nikes. Those that attend will be privy to new designs, concepts, and ideas. So many prototypes and fresh new looks. I will be able to see into the future! Literally.

My Pet Peeve

I have to admit I am pretty laid back, nothing really gets to me. Coming from where I come from it just does not make sense to cry every time a hardship is brought to you. Just pick yourself up, dust off the dirt and keep on trucking. Seriously, I cannot remember the last time I was angry. Annoyed, yea, sure, that happens to everyone but truly angry I cannot think of a thing.

Well, I do have one pet peeve, just one thing that always gets me going. Especially if the person that does it does not apologize or even care that it has been done. I become simply vexed. Unable to think straight, so angry that I can hardly even breathe.

Many people reading this may be wondering what exactly that may be. After I reveal my most hated act that can ever be done to me. The one thing that I just cannot forgive and forget. Probably the only thing that causes me to fight.

Please judge me; to most people this may seem to be trivial.

I hate it when someone steps on my crispy shoes, those which I spend my hard earned money. Then walk on without so much of an apology or an excuse me. Just thinking about it makes me so angry; I could spit in the words of my beloved grandmother.

Last week, this dude stepped on my shoes. Step on them and scuffed them. There is a black mark on my beautiful shoes.

Full Weekend

Only a few times in my entire life that I have ever mentioned these words, aloud or even to myself.

I am glad the weekend is over!

Normally, my weekends is my time to unwind and catch up on things around the house. From cleaning, cooking special meals that I do not get the time to do doing the week, or learning something new.

However, this weekend was a little bit different. Full of events and happenings that had me coming and going at the same time. The entire weekend I was swamped and full to the brim. Ever so literally my cup runt over!

Let us see, what happen. Oh yea. On Friday, it was my best friend birthday. It was also the day that I decided to organize and plan her surprise birthday party. Which she loved. Luckily, all of our friends and family were available and present. Seriously, it was a full house! What a great time all had that.

My best friend, Haley was so happy and genuinely surprised. She kept mentioning this to me repeatedly.

Then here comes Saturday, my cousin’s wedding. Something that we had planned since we were little girls playing dress up with our moms’ clothes, shoes, and jewelry. Of course, I was vital in planning it and organizing everything for her and her husband. It did turn out to be quite an event. Something that no one have ever experience.

Not to mention on Sunday was my parents wedding anniversary.

Haley’s Birthday Present

Do not thinks that Nike Hyper Fuse are just for us dudes. They even make a great line for the women too. Just the other day I was buying a pair for my best friend. In a few days, it will be her birthday and she has been hinting, none too subtle, that she needs a pair of gym shoes for a basketball tournament she is entering. Her team has to be ready to play and ball on March 28. A full day of amateur ball playing.

I cannot wait I love watching her play in these type of tournaments. Its great watching, not just her but also all of the opponents and player play their heart out.

Basketball tournaments take me back to my youth watching and one mixtape basketball extravaganza. I wonder if anyone remembers these mixtapes. I remember watching video after video of these amazing street ball players.

Creating these amazing moves and dunks where show boating is a part of the game. Let me tell you stet basketball is much better than the boring old traditional basketball. With the cross cutting, juking, and weaving. Alley hoops, cross over dunking, woodsias daisies. Those players know how to put on a great show.

Back to my best friend tournament, it should be a blast. I mean she, Haley, is great. One of the best in the country. I remember being in middle school and she was having scouts check her out for college teams.

I cannot wait to see her play and to see her face when she opens her gift.

My Favorites

Nike has a wide range of different type of hyper active shoes. There are so much to choose from. Whatever floats your boat there is a Nike for you. With different styles, colors, and fit you have to check out each one and decide what is best for you.

Nike Hyper Dunk

If you want to move like LeBron, run a team like Kobe, or dunk it as if Jordan then you do not need these shoes you need a great coach and a whole lot of practice. However if you want to be well equip and protect your feet, ankles, really your entire body then you need a pair of shoes that will support you. That and whatever aspiration you want to become.

Nike Hyper Quickness

These are really for children but I know there are some woman hopers that little dainty feet are better suited for a youth size shoe. After buying a pair for my little sister a month ago, she did not hesitate to explain how much she loves them. They are comfortable, cute, and she feels as though she can accomplished whatever she sets her mind to, athletically.

Nike Hyper Elite

With great, she has you need a great pair of socks to cushion your feet. Do not skip or sleep on the socks. A great pair of socks will keep your feet dry, aerated, and cushioned. If you suffer from stinky feet after a great workout, then you may need a pair of socks that lick the sweat and keep them cool.

My First Pair of Nike Kicks

My first pair of authentic Nike’s Hyper Fuse were the LeBron seven forty two’s. They were beautiful. Yellow, purple and white. Man, I remember those joints like it was yesterday. If you read my about page you will know I had a pretty rough stuff in life. For at least two third of my childhood was spent in poverty, in the Southside of Chicago. It took my family a while before we could afford such expensive shoes.

I mean for the majority of my clothes and shoes were hand me downs from my two older brothers. One will get an item then we just passed it down until there was either no one to pass on down to or it just simply fell apart. With boys, this is not that uncommon of an experience.

When I received these shoes, they were for doing so well in school that year after our move to this suburb. My parents were concern that new school district will prove to be harder for us to understand and excel in. Not to mention the fitting in part.

After my sophomore year and my first year in my new school. My father made a promise to me and my siblings. If we did well he would get us anything we wanted, within in reason. After being inducted into the high honors society, minting a four point two grade point average, my father was more than happy to buy me the shoes I wanted.